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wickedplum's Journal

Adrienne, your accidental adversary
15 June
I am bursting with fruit flavor.
"right there", 80's, aa batteries, adrien brody, albert camus, arabic food, art, art bar, bad religion, barbara stanwyck, bass guitar, beat the geeks, beck, being a gemini, belly dancing, bikini kill, black and white, blind date, bloodhound gang, blur, breast implants, camp, cartoon network, cheese, cheesecake photography, chocolate, chuck palahniuk, conspiracy theories, cosby show, creme brulee, dali, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, dominique swain, dragonball z, dramarama, dressing up, dropkick murphys, elitism, emf, face to face, fashion, faux, fcuk, film, fiona apple, folio weekly, francophiles, fucking, fugazi, glad rags, godiva, good kissers, greasers, guys with sideburns, hypnosis, ifc, impure thoughts, indie rock, industrial, irony, jack kerouac, james dean, james franco, james marsters, johnny knoxville, jude law, justice league, justin timberlake, karaoke, lexus sc400, libations, lingerie, liquidgeneration.com, lou reed, mad tv, man or astroman, marlon brando, merc-clothing.com, michael jackson, michael moore, michael pitt, mods, museums, my ass, my bitchin' camaro, my pugs, nail polish, nerds, new orleans, nofx, noir, npr, nudity, operation ivy, oscar wilde, patio burritos, photography, pilates, pinups, placebo, platform shoes, pop rap anthems, portishead, prada, pretending to be tall, pugs, punk rock, reese witherspoon, robert altman, rodin, ryan phillippee, rêve, savannah, saying the word szechuan, seafood portofino, sex and the city, shell silverstein, skinny puppy, sky high heels, snakebites, sonic youth, spaceghost, stanley kubrick, stillettos, sushi, szechuan, thai food, the beat generation, the casbah, the chacha, the coen brothers, the daily show, the jackson 5, the kneepit, the pink panther, the ramones, the state, the triangle, the white stripes, the word fuck, thestranger.com, toulouse-lautrec, troma, vanilla, vespas, vintage, whole wheat bread, william s burroughs, zadie smith