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Sick, but happy...

It's a good thing we did our celebrating this weekend...I am nasty sick today!
We really spoiled each other Friday and Saturday. We got each other a box of the new G Collection by Godiva. We ordered online for delivery on Friday and I sped home after work ready to tear into them! It was so exciting; savoring this chocolate was a celebration in itself. With flavors like Apple Pie, PB and Jam, Deep Dark Sumatra and Thai Coconut, it is a wonder they’ve lasted until today (I only have one left!)

Friday night we had reservations at Ruth’s Chris and had the most perfect meal. I so enjoy his company. Dinners out are our favorite indulgence…so much so we went to Bistro Aix on Saturday night, even though we had previously planned to stay home that night! Yum.

I also got some platinum hoop earrings which complement my Christmas diamonds perfectly and I got him some TempurPedic slippers that he had been asking for. I have to get some in my size, they are beyond comfortable. I know this because I have been wearing them around the house today between naps (don’t tell him!). Maybe I can get myself some when I get MY FIRST PAYCHECK tomorrow!

Even though we are all done celebrating, it is no fun being sick on Valentine’s Day!
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